I Just Wanna Be Comfy…

When school starts I always have fresh ideas of which cute outfits I’m going to wear to class. I plan it out, make my Pinterest boards, and go shopping with the intention of looking my best every day… and yep not gonna happen. Most days, I just wanna roll out of my bed and throw something on that isn’t too scary. I just wanna be comfy! As my final semester of college rolls up, I’ve accumulated some tricks over the years to look put together even if I am far from it, because it’s #college.

1. Check the weather every night before you go to bed:

You know we all sleep until the last possible second, throw on a pair of leggings, maybe a T-shirt and sweatshirt, and regret the entire decision the second you take your first couple steps toward campus. I hate being a giant ball of sweat because I wore a sweatshirt in eighty degree weather. Checking the night before will allow you to have an idea in mind of what you could quickly throw on and not have to suffer the sweats or even shorts in the snow.

2. Layer, Layer, Layer:

Layering is the best way to go because you are prepared for anything at any time. You can even get away with wearing your workout clothes and layering over the top to create a cute outfit. Tanks, flowy tees, cardigans, jean jackets, scarves, and kimonos are all perfect pieces to pair together to change the look.

3. Do either your hair or makeup:

If you have a sleek ponytail or a fresh face, you will feel ready for the day. The phrase “fake it ‘til you make it” has some truth behind it. When I know that my hair looks good or if I have on a pretty lip color, I feel confident and focused. When I have day old hair and no makeup on, I usually just can’t wait to get home to lay in my bed and watch Netflix. That little extra grooming time in the morning can have a huge effect on your mood throughout the day. Added bonus: If Nick Jonas runs into you and asks to sweep you away in his private jet, you’ll know you look fly and won’t regret globbing that mascara on.

4. Invest in a cute, comfy sneaker:

You don’t have to wear sandals or colorful mules that give you blisters just to look cute. Walking around all day can get exhausting, and if you’re not wearing the right shoes, you’re going to hate every thought you ever had about dressing cute for class. Adidas having a comeback was single-handedly my favorite addition to athleisure. I want… and the best part is they’re so comfortable. Thankfully, there are so many brands that have started to create trendy sneakers that go with many outfits. You can still be casual, not on the way to the gym, but still be stunnin’ in your sneaks.

5. And the obvious…. SLEEP!:

Everyone says it. It’s not a lie. Sounds stupid. It’s not. Getting a good night sleep will make you feel like you have your life together. If you are swamped with work, exams, yoga on Tuesdays, etc. you need to make sure you’re getting a lot of sleep. When you’re well rested, you have clear thoughts, energy, and the motivation to have a productive day. And guess what… sleeping= a beautiful you. Sleep is the beauty hack that helps you all around. Plus, when you stayed up late watching “just one more episode” of Gossip Girl, you’re going to hit the snooze button and wake up scrambling out of the door. Recipe for disaster… possible bedhead, weird outfit, acne medicine still on your face… not cute. Sleep, sleep, sleep! You’ll feel like a beauty queen!

6. Own What You Know:

If you feel weird leaving the house without jewelry, have to straighten your hair every day, or like showing off your booty, own it! Find what you love about yourself and flaunt it. When your daily routine involves you feeling excited and good about yourself, the positive energy radiates. Find your favorite part of getting yourself ready and have fun with it. I like wearing different colored lipstick every day. Lipstick makes me feel put together and fun. The most important part of looking put together is feeling good about yourself and owning what makes you happy!

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