50 Thoughts Before Graduating College

As the last few days of college are creeping in, I’ve been having different feelings. It is so exciting to start the next chapter of my life, but I am also a little anxious for what’s to come. This is more of a light hearted post, but for any soon to be college grads… you may find this relatable. Here are fifty thoughts I’ve had in the last few weeks of my time at college:



3. Now I’m actually an adult that’s so cool

4. I can do adult things like make money and get an apartment

5. Get to start working

6. Wow I’m a big girl

7. Goodbye college bars

8. Wait this is the last time seeing some of these people forever

9. *cries*

10. It’s okay though because guess what… you’re an adult now and these things happen

11. I’m so ready for this

12. #thriving

13. Even if my parents thought I was stupid they can’t now

14. Jk they love me

15. Wait now I have to start really taking care of myself

16. Bills… car payments…

17. Whatever I’ll be fine. Everyone does it

18. Wow I’m like so old now

19. My family can’t think of me as the baby any more cuz I’m a #ADULT

20. Welcome to the adult table

21. Only 15 days left of college… eat my bubbles

22. Wow why did freshman year seem like it was yesterday???

23. Why do I still feel like I’m 15 years old???

24. Am I even old enough to be doing this…?

25. When other people look at me do they think wow that’s a smart lady right there?

26. They definitely still think I’m in junior high

27. Maybe since I don’t look like an adult I don’t have to be one yet


29. It’s okay though cuz I hate classes and I don’t get paid and even if I’m having a rough day at work still #paid

30. *cries a little*

31. Well I better get lots of napping in this semester because that won’t be a thing anymore

32. I can definitely handle this

33. Do my parents still feel like they’re 15?

34. Yea these exams are terrible I’m so happy I’m leaving…

35. Am I going to be bored when all I’m doing is working?

36. Wtf am I going to do when I get home from work?

37. Nap? Lmao no

38. I’m an adult so maybe I can remodel homes in my free time

39. Jk not happening I’ll write a book

40. Or start my career as a rockstar on the side

41. Gotta save money though

42. Get to buy so many fun things

43. Or not because bills… and have to save up for the future

44. You know who ever said being an adult was fun???

45. Why am I able to order wine now? Can I have a kids menu?

46. *cries*

47. Wow look how far I’ve come

48. I’ve been in school since I was three years old and now I’m finally done

49. Maybe I am ready for this

50. Tbd! Mentally unstable at the moment!

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