Style Inspiration: Blaire Eadie/Atlantic-Pacific

Blaire Eadie has slowly become my favorite influencer to pull inspiration from. SHE’S MADE ME LOVE COLOR. I love that her style is fearless and she creates such unique outfits. Blaire is known for having a colorful outfit from head to toe. I can’t help but wonder where she’s off to looking this fabulous. To be honest, she inspired me to add more color into my wardrobe. It’s very easy to stick to black, white, and gray because they go with everything. However, Blaire has shown that color can be used as a basic as well. For this post, I found some of my favorite Blaire Eadie looks and found items that could be used to recreate the look. Most of her pieces are way over my budget, but I found some good alternatives. Going out of your comfort zone can be a scary thing, however, you may love the person you turn out to be. My challenge for you is to try adding at least one color into an outfit this week. Even if it’s a lip color or an earring. I hope you get some inspiration from Blaire like I did. Click on each picture to see where I got my inspiration from/where you can find each item. If you’re curious where Blaire’s pieces are actually from, go check out her Instagram! She lists all of her clothes on her blog. Enjoy!


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