A Guide To Vegan Thanksgiving

Many people agree that Thanksgiving is their favorite holiday. Why? Because it's an entire day dedicated to eating delicious food. If you're a vegan like me, it can be hard to look around the room at the turkey, desserts, etc. and figure out what you can have. Last year was my first Thanksgiving as a… Continue reading A Guide To Vegan Thanksgiving


Shaking Off The Monday Blues

Monday's can be hard from time to time. You wake up realizing you have a whole week ahead of you and you're just now starting. Sometimes we hop out of bed ready to tackle the week, but other times the Monday Blues seem to last through the week. I like to read happy things every… Continue reading Shaking Off The Monday Blues


I’m All In For Snakeskin!

Sometimes I have a hard time bringing myself to wear animal prints. Both cheetah and zebra prints had their moments, but I find myself shying away from them in my everyday wardrobe.  Snakeskin has made its comeback and I am all about it. Gucci, Valentino, Tory Burch, Christian Louboutin, Givenchy, etc. have been using snakeskin… Continue reading I’m All In For Snakeskin!